ACME Amrkets – N Wildwood, NJ (Late) ( เต็มแล้วจ้า!!!! )

Job Details


Employer name : New Albertson’s Inc. – ACME Markets

Type of business : Grocery Store

Job location :  N Wildwood, NJ

English level required: Advanced

Hourly wage : $12

Position : Meat, Deli, Seafood Associate

Job description and required skills : ADVANCED ENGLISH ONLY! Must be willing to work independently in all departments; Must be flexible and willing to work in any department assigned. ACME needs team members who are willing to pitch in when and where they are needed. At a fast pace, scan, bag, process payment, count money, ensure correct accounting. Control backed up lines, reduce waiting time for customers. Prep fruit, vegetables, salads. Bake, decorate cakes, cookies, pies. Slice bread. Package, wrap, price products for sale. Check products for quality and freshness. Keep cases, shelves, displays clean and stocked. Breakdown deliveries using sharp knives, organize backroom, return misplaced products, refill missing items, keep aisles in good condition. Assist customers locating items. Monitor, clean, carry bags, collect carts in parking lot. $9.04 weekly union dues.

Estimated hours per week : 32-40

Start Date : 05/28/2019 – 06/24/2019

End Date :   08/31/2019 – 09/16/2019

Meal : No

Uniform : Yes – Free to Participant

Housing : Students Must Arrange Own

Housing Contact Information : Grecian Gardens Motel 305 E 17th Ave Wildwood   Tel.(609) 522-1260

Housing Cost : Around $100-$115 per week.