Atlantic Pier Amusements – Steel Pier ATLANTIC CITY , NJ (Summer) เต็มแล้วจ้า

Job Details

Steet Pier
Employer Name: Atlantic Pier Amusements – Steel Pier
Job Title : Team Member / Game Attendant – Late
Job Location : ATLANTIC CITY , NJ (1000 BOARDWALK)
Start Date : May 18 – June 24
End Date : August 24 – September 7
Job Prerequisites : 1. English Upper Intermediate +
2. Must be able to clean and change garbage.
3. Detailed and Observant (Safety is the most important aspect of any position at SteelPier.)
4. Friendly and smiley! Positive Attitude.
5. Able to withstand working in sun and heat.
6. Comfortable working with register and money.
7. Must be able to work with pork.
9. Students in food & beverage will work with deep fryers, hot oil, oven, grills, and sharpknives.
10. Required to follow all food safety standards and wear a hat.
11. Atlantic City a beach resort, is also an urban environment. Students should becomfortable in a city environment.
Job Description :

Team Member : Take orders from and serve food and beverages to guests. Should be able to work in various positions including: cashier, server, prep person, waitress, cook, door-person and runner. Implement all ServSafe training and food safety training provided. Listen to customers and redirect to manager when required. Cashiers operate point of sale system; cash out and reconcile registers. Excellent communication skills required. Excellent customer service skills. Must have patience courtesy working with varied and sometimes difficult customers. Must wear a hat, work with pork and not have food allergies.

Game Attendant – Late : Are you extroverted, outgoing, and always ready to make fun happen? Game Attendant is the job for you! Game Attendants have the most interaction with the guests. You will induce customers to participate in games at concession booths, describing the games to passing public to attract customers. You will supply customers with game equipment and distribute prizes to winning customers. Game Attendant requires excellent communication skills, ability to do calculations quickly and accurately, collecting fees for services. Must have respect and courtesy working with varied and sometimes difficult customers.

English Level required : Advanced
Pay Rate (before taxes) : $11.00 per hour
Hours : Average 30 – 40 hours / week
Meals : NO , Discounted for Employees
Interview : Interview with US Sponsor in Job Fair BKK on Jan 2020 / Employer requires a Skype interview before placement.
Possibility to find a second job in the area : YES , Second jobs are possible, however, your job  first and takes priority over a second job. 2ND jobs MUST be approved by US Sponsor BEFORE you can begin working. The employer MUST fill out & sign a job offer.
Uniform : YES , Est 50 USD
Additional position information : At Steel Pier there will be situations where you will be asked to take on extra tasks or assist in areas outside of your department . Participants need to be flexible and willing to assist in all operations. A team player. Assisting other departments is good exposure and a great way to build relationships with new people and teams.
Housing : NO
Housing assisted by : MUST ARRANGE OWN (น้องๆ ต้องติดต่อที่พักเอง)
Housing Detail : $95 to $100 per week (Apartment)
Housing Deposit : $385 to $400 On Arrival
Transportation : Walking
Nearest airport : Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)
Atlantic City International Airport (ACY)
Other :
Additional Information : น้องๆ สามารถจองตั๋วเองได้