Beach Mart , NC

Job Details


Employer name : Beach Mart, Inc.

Type of business : Retail Shop

Job location : Nags Head, NC

English level required: Advance

Hourly wage : $9

Position : Cashier, Stocker

Job description and required skills :  

Must have prior work experience. Students are to report to the corporate office upon arrival. You will be assigned to a store and housing when you arrive. Please arrive at the office Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am-4pm. They are closed on the weekends. If you arrive outside of their business hours, you will need to stay overnight in a hotel, at your own expense. PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING WITH A FRIEND,GROUP OF FRIENDS THERE IS A HIGH CHANCE FOR YOU TO LIVE AND WORK SEPARATELY, SOMETIMES 50 MILES APART. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE FOR FRIENDS TO LIVE OR WORK TOGETHER.

Must have prior paid work experience. By accepting this job, you understand that you will be assigned to a store location and housing when you arrive at the main office. You will be trained and required to do one or all of the following: cashiering, stocking, pricing, folding merchandise, hanging clothes and cleaning both inside & outside the stores (outside limited to set up/tear down of displays & picking up trash/sweeping parking lot for cigarette butts) cleaning bathrooms. Males will have to do some heavy lifting, up to 30 kilos. Housing is mandatory. Please find attached the Beach Mart Stores with their addresses.

Estimated hours per week : 32-40

Start Date : 5/1/2019 – 6/2/2019

End Date :  8/10/2019 – 10/1/2019

Meal : No

Uniform : Yes

Housing : Housing

Housing Cost: Average $100-150 per week per person