DRD Pool Service Inc – Glen Burnie, MD (เต็มแล้วจ้า!!!)

Job Details


Employer name : DRD Pool Service Inc – Glen Burnie, MD

Type of business : Pool Service

Job location : Glen Burnie, MD

English level required: Upper Intermediate

Hourly wage :  $15.00

Position : Lifeguard – May Arrival

Hiring Type :   Interview with CHI Staff in Job Fair BKK on Jan 2019 and Skype Interview with Employers. Coordinator will set up the time and date later.

Job description and required skills :  Students must pass lifeguard certification which students must be able to swim 200 yards, (or180 meters), tread water for 1 minute w/o the use of hands and surface dive to retrieve a brick at a depth of 3 meters. They also must pass the pool operator’s class that is a classroom presented course. Students must have conversational English skills, Be able to ride a bicycle and work outdoors in a community pool environment. Working through agreed upon end date is a must.

The primary responsibility is to maintain the safety of the patrons in the pool. You will also be responsible for cleaning the facility which includes bathrooms, the pool and pool area. Lifeguards monitor the pool filters and chemicals of the pool as well. Customer service is a very important element and you must have a friendly demeanor and be approachable at all times. You must be a proficient swimmer and able to swim 180 meters without stopping as well as tread water for 1 min and retrieve a 4.54 kilograms brick from 3 meters deep. Advanced English is needed as conversing with patrons is required.

All work sites are located between 0 and 5 miles from the housing locations. Transportation to the work site is NOT provided by the employer and public transportation is accessible from all apartment placements. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain bicycles for transportation to work.

Estimated hours per week : 30-40

Start Date : 5/18/2019 – 5/30/2019

End Date :  8/15/2019 – 8/31/2019

Meal : N/A

Uniform : Yes, Student will pay $195 and must pass the swim test & the pool operators class.

Housing : Employer provide Apartment at 1008 SPA RD , Annapolis, MD

Housing Cost: The cost of housing is $125 a week. Employees can expect to pay for rent every two weeks through a paycheck deduction. No deposit is required, however students will be responsible for damages to apartment upon completion of a final walk-through by the landlord. *Due to the high volume of students, this may occur after you have left and you will be notified of any damages/deductions from DRD Pools. Water, air conditioning, electricity, telephone, internet, and furniture will be included in the rent payment.


*** Agent provide Ticket***Travel with groups (สามารถเลือกสายการบิน /วันเดินทางและ Stop Over เที่ยวได้)