Ghirardelli Chocolate Company , LK BUENA VIS , FL (SUMMER)

Job Details

Employer Name: Ghirardelli Chocolate Company, Lake Buena VIsta
Job Title : Chocolateer
Job Location : LK BUENA VIS , FL (1710 E BUENA VISTA DR)
Start Date : May 8 – July 8
End Date : August 28 – Septebmer 5
Job Prerequisites : TBD
Job Description : Advanced English. MUST be friendly, have excellent customer service skills. Must be able to perform all duties, including standing for 8 hours; employer will assign position based on need. Scoop ice cream, prepare food and drinks, clean, take out trash several times daily, mop floor, bus tables, pre-pack chocolate, stock merchandise, lift heavy cases 10-20 lbs, unload trucks 3 times a week. Have a strong knowledge of chocolate merchandise, wear the “Sundae Suit”. Knowledge/handling of US Currency. . You only have 48 hours to get a mandatory drug test.
English Level required : Upper Intermediate – Advanced
Pay Rate (before taxes) : $10.50 per hour
Hours : Average 30 – 40 hours / week
Meals : YES , 1 free ice cream product per shift; plus unlimited beverages while at work.
Interview : Employer review resume before interview
Possibility to find a second job in the area : YES , Second jobs are possible, however, your job  first and takes priority over a second job. 2ND jobs MUST be approved by US Sponsor BEFORE you can begin working. The employer MUST fill out sign a job offer.
Uniform : YES , Provided by employer Employer supplies an apron & a hat. Students must bring a button-down short-sleeved or long-sleeved white shirt (bussers and fountain employees can only wear short sleeves) BLACK pants (no jeans), black, non-skid
Additional position information : YOU MUST contact your employer upon arriving in Orlando. You only have 48 hours to take a mandatory drug test. Also, arrive BEFORE start date so you can attend orientation (on time!) If you miss orientation, you will not be scheduled to work until the following week. Please arrive at orientation in your complete uniform; including correct shoes, in order to be put on the schedule to work that weekend.
Housing : NO
Housing assisted by : Must Arrange Own (ต้องติดต่อเพื่อคอนเฟริมที่พักเอง)
Housing Detail : $225 per week for 4 students (Dormitory)
Housing Deposit : TBD
Transportation : Public transportation right by Hostal entrance
Nearest airport : Orlando International Airport
Additional Information : Remark** – Agent provide Ticket (จองตั๋วกับทางโครงการ ฟรีประกันเดินทาง)
Other :