Harborview Inn. Hotel. Seward, AK

Job Details

Haborview Inn

Employer Name: Harborview Inn
Job Title : Housekeeping
Job Location : Seward, AK
Start Date : May 1 – May 22
End Date : August 1 – August 31
Job Prerequisites : Customer service is very important (friendly, helpful)
Must have good English, be a hard worker, be able to follow directions and be a team player. Must be comfortable using cleaning chemicals and dusting.
Job Description : Duties include cleaning guest rooms, bathrooms, and common areas. Additional responsibilities may include: washing and folding of all bed linens and towels; sorting, folding, distributing clean linens; delivering and picking up laundry. General cleaning and other duties may be assigned by supervisor as necessary. Participant must be able to work with cleaning chemicals.
English Level required : Intermediate – Upper Intermediate
Pay Rate (before taxes) : $10.90 per hour
Hours : Average 30 – 40 hours / week
Meals : NO
Interview : Skype interview with Host company before Eemployer review resume
Possibility to find a second job in the area : This job must be your first priority. A second job cannot interfere with your scheduled hours. Please contact your US Sponsor Program Coordinator, Molly, about the process to get a 2nd job
Uniform : No uniform is required. Participant must wear neat, clean and presentable clothing.
Additional position information : TBD
Housing : YES
Housing assisted by : Employer (นายจ้างมีบ้านพักให้ แต่น้องๆต้องติดต่อเพื่อคอนเฟริมวันเข้าพักเอง)
Housing Detail :

$98 per person due every two weeks.

Housing is located next to employer’s location and is a two-story house with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. The house may have internet access, and there is also Wi-Fi available through the Inn. Each room will be shared by 2-3 participants.

Housing Deposit : TBD
Transportation : TBD
Nearest airport : TBD
Additional Information : Remark** – Agent provide Ticket (ต้องจองตั๋วกับทางโครงการ ฟรีประกันเดินทาง)
Other : http://www.sewardhotel.com