Harrah & Harvey Casino, Lake Tahoe NV

Job Details


Employer name : Harrah & Harvey Casino, Lake Tahoe NV

For 2 Locations : Harrah 25 students / Harvey 25 students

Type of business : Casino Hotel

Job location : Lake Tahoe , NV

English level required : Intermediate

Wage : $10.00 + Tips

Hours : 32‐35 Hours / week

Position : Guest’s Room Attendants

Friend/Group/Couple : Yes

Position Description : Duties include cleaning guest bathrooms, making beds, removing guest linens, and vacuuming. Cleaning of showers, sinks, and toilets. Some cleaning of common areas and laundry duties will be required as well. Housekeeping requires participants to use cleaning chemicals. General cleaning and other duties may be assigned by the employer as necessary. Students are advised not to take any second jobs until the firm schedule is established (first two weeks). After two weeks students can get a second job (after approved by US Sponsor) , just so it doesn’t interfere with primary job schedule. Will start working upon completed training

Start Date : 15 May 2019 – 05 June 2019

End Date : 15 Aug 2019 – 31 Aug 2019

Uniform : Workers must provide Khaki pants and sneakers or tennis shoes. Hotel uniforms will be provided by the employer.

Housing : Must be Arange own ,  around $400-$500 / Person / Month

Hiring Type: Step 1. Pre-Skype Interview with assistant Employer for joying The Job Fair with Employer.

Step 2.Interview with Employer in the Job Fair BKK in January.

Agent provide Ticket***Travel with groups (สามารถเลือกสายการบิน /วันเดินทางและ Stop Over เที่ยวได้)