Job Details

Employer Name: Steena Co
Job Title : Service Clerk
Job Location : ALTOONA , IA  (3215 ADVENTURELAND DR)
Start Date : March 1 – March 15
End Date :  June 1 – June 30
Job Prerequisites : Advanced English. Ability to work with American currency.
Job Description : Service Crew position includes, but is not limited to, operating cash registers, taking customers’ orders, handling American currency, presenting food to customers, making icecream desserts, drinks & coffee drinks, stocking, and keeping counters and prep/food area clean. Must be able to stand for long periods of time.  Requires excellent customer service skills and ability to work well as part of a team.  Must be friendly and helpful to co-workers, managers and our customers at all times. You will also have to help with cleaning up spills, taking out the trash, and other duties as requested by management
English Level required : Advanced
Pay Rate (before taxes) : $9.75 per hour
Hours : Average 30 – 40 hours / week
Meals : YES, Employees receive a 50% discount on meals up to $10.
Interview : Employer review resume before interview
Possibility to find a second job in the area : YES , Second jobs require you to contact US Sponsor at  to receive the required form. The new potential employer will need to complete it. Both you and the employer will need to sign and return it to US Sponsor for approval. You can work with a new secondary employer ONLY AFTER you have received written authorization from  US Sponsor.
Uniform : YES , Employer provides shirt & name tag
Housing : No
Housing assisted by : Must Arrange Own (น้องๆ ต้องติดต่อที่พักเอง) $500.00 / Month
Housing deposit : $200 – $450  On Arrival
Transportation : Walking, Bicycle, Bus (
Nearest airport : O’Hare International Airport (ORD)  / Des Moines International Airport (DSM)
Other :
Additional Information : Remark** – Agent provide Ticket (จองตั๋วกับทางโครงการ ฟรีประกันเดินทาง)