McDonalds Park City at Park City, UT (เต็มแล้วจ้า !!!)

Job Details


Employer name : McDonalds Park City at Park City, UT

Type of business :  Fast Food

Job location : Park City, UT

English level required: Upper Intermediate

Hourly wage :  $11.00

Position : Crew Member

Hiring Type : Skype Interview

Job description and required skills : Crew Member position includes: drive-thru, front counter, grill. Employees working in the drive-thru and at the front counter are responsible for greeting customers, taking orders, taking payment, assembling and presenting orders, thanking the customer, and asking them to come again. Employees working in the grill are responsible for preparing and assembling all the finished menu items that are served to customers. General daily cleaning tasks are required in the kitchen, bathrooms, and service areas, as well as outside of the restaurant. Strong English skills, friendly, ethical, willing to work hard and be a team player.       

Estimated hours per week : 30-40

Start Date : 5/10/2019 – 5/22/2019

End Date :  8/25/2019 – 8/31/2019

Meal : N/A

Uniform : Yes, Uniform is provided by employer at no cost. Participants must bring black, slip-resistant, closed-toed shoes, and black socks.

Housing : Participants will live in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom duplex. Bedrooms will have either bunk beds or individual beds and closets available. There are two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and another two bedrooms and a bathroom downstairs. There is a full kitchen available with an oven, stove, and refrigerator and a living room with a couch.

Housing Cost:   $300 per person, per month

*** Agent provide Ticket***Travel with groups (สามารถเลือกสายการบิน /วันเดินทางและ Stop Over เที่ยวได้)