Motel 6 in Ashland, OH USA

Job Details

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Motel 6

Employer name :  Motel 6 in Ashland, OH USA

Type of business : Hotel

Job location : Ashland, OH USA

English level required: Intermediate-Upper Intermediate

Hourly wage : 8$-$9

Position :  housekeepers

Job description and required skills :  

Cleaning the room: that includes stripping the beds and removing all towels from the room,
                                   bringing all the sheets and towels from the room to the laundry room,
                                   Making the beds with fresh sheets,
                                   Dusting furniture in the room thoroughly and cleaning the microwave and refrigerator,
                                   Cleaning the bathroom and vanity.
                                   Sweeping and mopping the floor thoroughly.
 Estimated hours per week : 32-35  possibly up to 40

Start Date : 2019 May 01 – 2019 Jun 15

End Date :  2019 Aug 31

Meal : N/A

Uniform :  N/A

Housing :  1 room(2 beds, 1 bath, microwave and refrigerator, TV, free WiFi). 


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