Two hotels in Maine in Maine, (ME), Saco, South Portland (Summer) เต็มแล้วจ้า

Job Details

Employer Name: Two hotels in Maine in Maine, (ME), Saco, South Portland
Job Title : Housekeeper
Job Location : Saco, South Portland , ME
Start Date : May 1 – June 27
End Date : September 5 – September 7
Job Prerequisites : Customer service is very important (friendly, helpful)
Job Description : Clean hotel rooms after guests have checked out, as well as stay overs. This includes cleaning bathrooms, toilets and showers, changing linens, laundry, dusting, vacuuming and emptying trash, etc. Very physically demanding. Be prepared to stand, bend, and push a 25lbs/11kg cart all day. Need to be able to stand for 8+ hours. Requires attention to detail, punctuality, and a great service attitude & team spirit. Please do not apply if you are sensitive to any kind of chemicals or lotions or have physical limitations that would keep you from doing your job. Must be dependable, hard working, friendly and be a very trustworthy and honest individual. Employer guarantees a minimum of 32 hrs per week. You may not have same days off as your friends. You will work all weekends and holidays in America.
English Level required : Intermediate – Upper Intermediate
Pay Rate (before taxes) : $11.00 per hour
Hours : Average 30 – 40 hours / week
Meals : NO
Interview : Employer review Resume and Skype interview
Possibility to find a second job in the area : YES , Second jobs are possible, however, your job  first and takes priority over a second job. 2ND jobs MUST be approved by US Sponsor BEFORE you can begin working. The employer MUST fill out & sign a job offer.
Uniform : YES ,Uniform including footwear will be determined by the employer and explained prior to arrival.
Additional position information : Cliff House is out on a peninsula and is remote from town. Employer will provide transportation to and from work on a set schedule. Bike ($30-$50 for a used one) will also be an option for you to commute. Depending on housing, it may be 2-4 miles away.
Housing : YES
Housing assisted by : Employer (นายจ้างมีบ้านพักให้ แต่น้องๆต้องติดต่อเพื่อคอนเฟริมวันเข้าพักเอง)
Housing Detail : The employer has housing secured – they will rent out an apartment and students will share it. $100 per week per student.
Housing Deposit : TBD
Transportation : If the apartment we will rent will be far away from hotel, we will take care of students’ transportation
Nearest airport : TBD
Additional Information : น้องๆ สามารถจองตั๋วเองได้