Wilderness at the Smokies Waterpark Resort – Sevierville, TN ( Summer ) เต็มแล้วจ้า

Job Details

Wilderness TN
Employer Name: Wilderness at the Smokies
Job Title : 1 Adventure Forest Associate
1 Dishwasher
1 Prep Cook
5 Lifeguard/Aquatics
2 Room Attendant/Housekeeping
Job Location : Sevierville, TN
Start Date : May 16 – May 31
End Date : August 25 – September 5
Job Prerequisites :

Adventure Forest Associate : Participants must speak Very Good to Excellent English, be comfortable speaking with guests and co-workers, be able to stand for long periods of time, and be able to move up to 30 pounds.

Dishwasher : Participants must be in good physical health. Participant must be able to lift at least 50 pounds (23 kg), and be able to work for extended periods of time while standing, crouching, bending, lifting, crawling, and moving. Must be comfortable using common cleaning chemicals. Participant must be able to communicate with guests and co-workers, and be willing to perform tasks as needed.

Prep Cook : Proficiency in English language is required in order to effectively communicate with guests and associates. Excellent English required for both server and host positions. Excellent time management skills and problem resolution skills. Ability to work well with others and be a team player. Must have previous cooking experience for line cook position.

Lifeguard/Aquatics : Participants must speak Very Good to Excellent English, be in good physical condition and be comfortable dealing with emergency situations. Participants will be required to pass a test in order to work as a lifeguard. This test includes: swimming 200 yards, retrieving a brick off the bottom of the pool and treading water for 2 minutes with hands above the water. Any participant unable to complete the lifeguarding exam may be placed in another position at the resort.

Room Attendant/Housekeeping : Participants must be in good physical health. Participant must be able to lift at least 50 pounds (23 kg), and be able to work for extended periods of time while standing. Must be comfortable using common cleaning chemicals and communicating with guests and coworkers.

Job Description :

Adventure Forest Associate : Job duties include but are not limited to; ensuring all safety requirements are met, providing outstanding customer service, communicating with guests and other associates, helping guests have a fun time, and perform other duties as assigned. Additional job duties may include: -Assisting guests with the purchase of access to rides -Acting as cashiers and taking money from guests to load dollar amounts onto playing cards for guests to use in play areas -Helping guests redeem points and giving them merchandise -Keeping the ride and attraction areas within the arcade section clean -When cleaning, participants may be required to use chemicals Arcade attendants must demonstrate the following skills at all times: -Excellent cash/credit handling skills -Excellent communication skills, to communicate tactfully with guests and provide information about safety rules -Excellent customer service skills, to provide guests with a friendly environment -An ability to react calmly and quickly in stressful/emergency situations and to physically assist guests throughout the area, as required -An ability to visually observe guest actions to prevent safety hazards -A readiness to alert proper personnel when games are in need of repair -Adherence top the resorts safety standards and to reporting any violation of safety standards -Regular and punctual attendance at work Position changes may not be available and are based on employer need.

Dishwasher : The person responsible for providing clean tableware is the dishwasher. Dishwashers scrape, sort, and stack the dishes, and then load them into dish washing machines. Dishwashers fill the machines with soap and turn them on. When the dishes are clean, dishwashers unload them and put them in their proper places so that other kitchen workers, waiters, and waitresses can find them. Primary Job Duties Include; -Adhere to Wilderness at the Smokies standards for guest service. -Dishwashers work in every establishment that serves food, including restaurant, buffet, hotel, coffee shops, ext. -Dishwashers scrape plates and soak silverware. -Responsible for other cleanup jobs. Sometimes they clean floors, cabinets, sinks, and counter-tops. -Occasionally they perform some of the tasks of dining room attendants such as clearing tables and assisting waiters and waitresses. -Performs all other duties as assigned by management. – Job will require use of cleaning chemicals. Position changes may not be available and are based on employer need.

Prep Cook : As a cook at the Wilderness, participants are responsible for preparing guest and associate food, and maintaining kitchen sanitation to Board of Health Standards. Participants will be supervised by the kitchen manager and/or executive chef. Primary job duties may include: -Preparing, arranging and continually updating food according to Wilderness at the Smokies recipes, preparations and food presentations. -Ensuring adherence to Health Department policies and procedures. -Cleaning and maintaining the kitchen as directed by management, in conjunction with Health Department policies and procedures. -Reporting and documenting any observed or known safety hazards, conditions, or unsafe practices and procedures to management immediately. -Adhering to Wilderness at the Smokies standards for guest services. -Referring guest problems or complaints to Supervisor. -Performing all other duties as assigned by management. To perform this job successfully, participants must be able to perform each of the above duties satisfactorily and must; -Have an aptitude for guest service and take pride in Wilderness standards of excellence in food preparation and cleanliness. -Be flexible with scheduling availability. -Be able to work well with others in stressful situations and have a positive attitude. -Maintain a neat and clean appearance at all times. Position changes may not be available and are based on employer need.

Lifeguard/Aquatics : Lifeguards ensure a safe and healthy environment for swimmers at Wilderness at the Smokies. They monitor guests and the resorts’ pools and pool areas and must recognize and react properly in emergency situations. -Lifeguards will be working in or near chlorine -Lifeguards will be working in direct sunlight and may be standing, sitting, or walking for long periods of time while on shift. Duties may Include but are not limited to; -checking and maintaining chemical levels in the pools and operating the pool filtration system -Cleaning the pool and pool areas -Enforcing pool area rules and gate control -Removing trash from the water park -Cleaning bathrooms and toilets as assigned Before being scheduled to work as a lifeguard, all participants will be expected to pass the Ellis and Associates Lifeguard Certification Course. The certification course takes approximately 24 hours to complete and will be conducted on site upon participant’s arrival at Wilderness at the Smokies. The cost of the certification course will be paid for by the employer, but participants will not be paid for the time they spend completing the certification course. To complete the certification course successfully, participants must be prepared to: -Swim a distance of 300 yards (275 meters) using a front crawl freestyle stroke or breaststroke without resting -Complete a feet-first surface dive, retrieve a 10 pound (4.5 kilogram) brick from the bottom of a 10 foot deep (3 meters deep) pool, and bring the brick to the surface of the pool -Tread water in a pool for 2 minutes without using their arms and without resting ***Participants who do not pass this certification course will not be allowed to work as lifeguards and will be placed in another department. Position changes may not be available and are based on employer need.

Room Attendant/Housekeeping : As a housekeeper at Wilderness at the Smokies, participants are responsible for cleaning guest rooms and property common areas to the resort’s high standards. The accommodations that participants will be primarily cleaning are hotel rooms and villas that sleep from 1 to as many as 17 people. Rooms range from having 2 single beds to a combination of single beds, bunk beds, or murphy (drop-down) beds. Many of the rooms have partial or full kitchens, bathrooms, and furnished living areas, which the participants will be responsible for cleaning. Participants can view sample photos of all accomodations at https://www.wildernessatthesmokies.com/lodging Primary Job Duties Include; -Picking up after guests -Making Beds -Dusting Furniture and Fixtures -Washing Floors -Vacuuming carpeted areas -emptying trash cans -cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, sinks, and showers -Keeping the guest rooms stocked with accessories and the bathrooms stocked with supplies -Cleaning windows -Helping on occasion with the laundry, as assigned by the supervisor Housekeepers start work promptly at 9:00am, and are given a list of rooms to clean for the day. The number of rooms is based upon the occupancy of the hotel divided by the total number of housekeepers. There is a required completion time for all hotel rooms; they must assist other housekeepers and management to complete all remaining housekeeping tasks for the day. The end of the work shift varies, and the shift only ends when all hotel rooms are cleaned for the day. Position changes may not be available and are based on employer need.

English Level required : Intermediate – Upper Intermediate
Pay Rate (before taxes) :

Adventure Forest Associate : $9.00 per hour

Dishwasher : $10.50 per hour

Prep Cook : $10.50 per hour

Lifeguard/Aquatics : $9.00 per hour

Room Attendant/Housekeeping : $10.75 per hour

Hours : Average 30 – 40 hours / week
Meals : NO
Interview : Skype interview with Host company (Job Fair – Easy Hire 21 Nov)
Possibility to find a second job in the area : YES , Second jobs are possible, however, your job  first and takes priority over a second job. 2ND jobs MUST be approved by US Sponsor BEFORE you can begin working. The employer MUST fill out & sign a job offer.
Uniform : First uniform shirt provided by employer at no cost. Additional shirts may be purchased at a cost of approximately $30-$35 depending on size. Participant must bring black pants and shoes.
Additional position information : N/A
Housing : YES
Housing assisted by : Must Arrange Own (นายจ้างเตรียบ้านให้แต่ น้องๆ ต้องติดต่อเพื่อคอนเฟริมที่พักเอง)
Housing Detail :

$90-$95 per person per week.

Summer 2020 : Participants hired for summer 2020 will be the first group of students to live in the brand new Wilderness housing located near the hotel. There will be two, dormitory style buildings. Each room will accommodate 4x students and each room has an en-suite bathroom. On the ground floor of each building, there will be large, shared kitchen facilities. Additionally, each room will have a microwave and mini-fridge. There will be security staff on property 24/7. Participants can walk, bike, or take a short shuttle ride to work. Rent will be $90-$95 per person per week. Upon arrival, participants will be required to pay first and last week’s rent ($180-$190), as well as a $250 security deposit. Of the $250, $150 is a non-refundable admin fee. $100 is refundable if participants complete their housing contract and leave their unit in good, clean condition. Refundable at the discretion of the housing provider.

Housing Deposit : TBD
Transportation : Walk Ride Bike
Nearest airport : N/A
Additional Information : Remark** – Agent provide Ticket (จองตั๋วกับทางโครงการ ฟรีประกันเดินทาง)
Other : http://www.wildernessatthesmokies.com