Sunset Pool Inc

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Employer name : Sunset Pool Inc

Type of business : Pool Company/Lifeguard

Job location : Virginia, Washington DC, Maryland

English level required : Advanced

Hourly wage : $8.75

Position : Lifeguard Pool Operator

Job description and required skills : 

Receive water safety training, gain work experience, meet new people and improve your English skills, while building memories of a lifetime! Your primary responsibility is to prevent drowning and other injuries from occurring at your assigned pool. All employees must be certified in Lifeguard Training First Aid & CPR. You will be assigned a work site in Maryland or Northern Virginia. Participants must willingly accept any work site assignment. Maintain safety. Monitor gate, checking id
cards. Perform custodial duties and pool maintenance. Manage circulation system and water quality. Report incidents and accidents to the Supervisor

Estimated hours per week : 32

Start Date : 05/01/2017 – 06/10/2017

End Date :  08/20/2017 – 08/30/2017

Meal : No

Uniform : Participants are required to have a thong or open-toed flat sandal. Dress code strictly enforced: men *MUST* be clean shaven at all times. Natural hair color, body piercing and tattoos must be covered when working. Lifeguards should look professional and be prepared by wearing the proper issued uniform, hat, t-shirt, shorts, bathing suit, fanny pack, whistle, sunglasses and sunblock. NOEXCEPTIONS

Housing : Employer rents apartments for J-1 participants. Students are required to sign separate housing agreement upon arrival. Students may find their own housing with condition to notify employer in advance, before arriving in USA. If you do not contact your employer at least 3 weeks before you arrive to decline the housing, you will be required to live in their housing. No exceptions

Housing Cost : $120 per week, per person

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