Bracco Restaurant , Arnolds Park, IA (เต็มแล้วจ้า!!!!)

Job Details


Employer name : Bracco Restaurant

Type of business :Restaurant

Job location : Arnolds Park, Iowa

English level required: Advanced

Hourly wage : $8.50

Position : General Employee

Job description and required skills :  

Participant must be prepared and willing to do any of the following positions. In all positions, general cleaning is required and additional duties may be assigned by supervisor: Bussers are responsible for maintaining a clean and organized restaurant, primarily in the dining area. Clearing and setting tables are primary duties. Cooks are responsible for cleaning the kitchen and preparing items on the menu. Dishwashers will maintain kitchen work areas, wash dishes and utensils, sweep and mop floors, and monitor proper chemical levels in dishwasher. Prep cooks are responsible for light preparation of food and assembling ingredients for items on menu. Food and drink runners will deliver food and beverages to customers. Cashiers will ring up and produce receipts, help with guest transactions, and welcome guests as they enter the restaurant. General restaurant cleaners are responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of the restaurant. Sweeping, mopping, emptying the trash, cleaning tables, cleaning bathrooms, and dusting are primary duties.
 Estimated hours per week : 30

Start Date : 05/09/2019 – 06/15/2019

End Date :  08/25/2019 – 08/31/2019

Meal : N/A

Uniform : N/A

Housing : Housing will be in an employee dormitory. Housing is dormitory style with 12 rooms, 6 shared bathrooms, and each bedroom holds 2 people per room, and one shared kitchen and laundry room per floor.

Housing Cost: $450 per person per month


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