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Job Description

Housekeeping Attendant/Laundry Attendant :
Housekeeping is very physically demanding. Daily cleaning of cabins: changing linens on the bed and in the bathroom, dusting, cleaning toilets, tub/shower, sinks, mirrors, and wiping vanity drawers. Vacuuming and spot cleaning carpets; washing bathroom floors. Dusting the entire unit including the living area, cleaning the kitchen including the stove/range, ensuringthe refrigerator is
cleaned out and wiped down, wiping the cabinets and drawer pulls, the sink left clean, and the counters sanitized. Cleaning all windows, sweeping any decks, cleaning any outdoor grills/bbq, emptying the trash, and performing other cleaning duties on a periodically scheduled basis. This job will require standing, bending, reaching, stooping, and kneeling. Transporting laundry, pushing, and pulling items weighing up to 50 lbs (23 kg). Restocking carts daily with supplies, linen/terry, and cleaning supplies.Additional tasks as requested by management.

Laundry Attendant includes using the commercial washers and dryers to clean the linens, folding them, and stocking linen closets and carts as needed. Requires standing for long periods of time, bending, and lifting. We only want workers with great attitudes and team spirit.

Both housekeeping and laundry attendants are very laborious positions! Flexible to help in other positions as requested. Please do not apply if you are sensitive to any cleaning solutions or lotions or have physical limitations that would keep you from doing your job.

Front Desk : You are responsible for greeting guests, registering and assigning guests to hotel rooms, establishing the method of payment and verifying credit; understanding US currency, and ensuring they have a good experience checking in. You will also make and confirm reservations, compute bills, collect payments, and make proper currency change for the guests. Respond to guest requests in a timely manner, receive and resolve complaints with understanding and compassion, in a friendly and helpful way, and elevate to supervisor if necessary. Ensure overall guest satisfaction. Flexible to help in other positions as requested by management. Ability to handle any additional tasks assigned by management.

Server : EXCELLENT ENGLISH REQUIRED FOR THIS JOB! This position is very fast-paced! Includes taking orders, serving guests food and drinks (must be 21 years old to serve alcohol), maintaining excellent customer service throughout the meal (checking drinks, clearing plates), lifting heavy trays and full containers of dirty dishes, carrying to the kitchen, stocking server station. You must have great customer service and language skills. Must be able to stand for long periods and be quick on your feet. Must like people and have a great attitude
– you will be working directly with the guests. Ensure overall guest satisfaction.

Water Craft Rentals : You will be required to load and unload rafts, paddle boards, and kayaks for customers to use. You will clean and maintain all equipment in between uses. You will help guests in and out of the water crafts, and help with disabled crafts, which may require you to remove water. Must like working with guests and being able to converse with them easily and ensure they are having a great time. Ensure overall guest satisfaction. Flexible to help in other positions as requested by management. You will not be able to change positions, but you may be offered the chance to work additional hours in a different position if the employer needs the help.

Dishwasher, Kitchen Staff :As a Dishwasher, you are responsible for unloading the dishes, glassware, and cutlery brought to them by bussers and loading them into dish trays. The trays are then placed into the commercial washers and are cleaned automatically. The commercial dishwashing machines do not accommodate larger pots and pans, so you will be required to wash certain items by hand in very hot soapy water. Placing clean dishes, utensils, and cooking equipment in the proper areas. You are responsible for maintaining the workspace and keeping sanitary conditions at all times. You will also be responsible for stocking supplies, sweeping, mopping or scrubbing floors, cleaning, and trash removal. Must be able to work in a fastpaced environment, follow directions, and read safety manuals. This is a hard, physically demanding job. Must be able to lift heavy items (up to 50 lbs / 23 kg), bend, stoop, and reach items on high shelves. Must be able to stand for 8 hours plus. Maintaining kitchen and dish areas


Housekeeping Attendant/Laundry Attendant : (1 F) ❌ (เต็มแล้วจ้า)
Front Desk : (3 F) ❌ (เต็มแล้วจ้า)
Server : (3 F) ❌ (เต็มแล้วจ้า)
Water Craft Rentals : (2 M)
Dishwasher, Kitchen Staff : (2 M/F) ❌ (เต็มแล้วจ้า)


Dutch John , UT


Housekeeping Attendant/Laundry Attendant : $13.50/hr +tips
Front Desk : $13.00/hr
Server : $5/hr + tips
Water Craft Rentals : $14/hr + tips
Dishwasher, Kitchen Staff : $13.00/hr


32-40 hours per week

Start Date

7 May 2024 – 15 Jun 2024

End Date

20 Aug 2024 – 7 Sep 2024

English level

Upper Intermediate – Advanced


$450.00 per Month (Employer)
Deposit Amount $250 (Upon arriva)

Transportation to work

Participants live on site and can walk or bike to work.

** งานนี้ไม่ต้องชำระค่า Premium Job ใดๆทั้งสิ้นนะคะ และข้อมูลของงานดังกล่าว นายจ้างหรือองค์กรแลกเปลี่ยน USA อาจมีการเปลี่ยนแปลงได้ในภายหลัง โดยขึ้นอยู่กับปัจจัยในด้านธุรกิจของนายจ้างนะคะ โดยบริษัทฯ ไม่สามารถควบคุมการเปลี่ยนแปลงใดๆได้ค่ะ หากมีการเปลี่ยนแปลงใดๆเกิดขึ้นทางพี่ทีมงานจะรีบแจ้งข้อมูลอัพเดตให้ทันทีค่ะ 🙂 C

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