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Gulf Shores , AL Restaurant
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Job Description

Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher : Position duties include, but are not limited to: ensures all materials and supplies are available and sets up and stocks station according to established guidelines; ensures all food items are prepared, seasoned, cooked and presented according to established recipes and plating guidelines; ensures all food items presented for use and/or sell meet acceptable quality standards; prepares food in quantities as indicated by management for expected business levels; ensures all products are properly received, stored and maintained in their respective areas by correctly dating, labeling and rotating; monitors product and ingredient levels and notifies management of low inventory; monitors coolers and freezers for proper temperature and reports deficiencies to management in a timely manner; maintains a clean and sanitized workstation and assists in overall kitchen cleanliness, including cleaning all station equipment and utensils during and at the end of each shift. Cleans coolers and freezers. Removes trash and other discarded items from workstation. Relines trash receptacles; adheres to sanitation standards for cleaning products utilized in the kitchen (i.e. sanitizer stations/buckets); monitors and tests dish machine throughout the shift to ensure proper chemical levels and water temperature; presoaks and removes food items prior to washing dishes. Handles tableware and glassware carefully to prevent breakage and loss; loads, runs, and unloads dish machine.

Busser : Bussing responsibilities include, but are not limited to: maintains the cleanliness of dining and beach areas, removes dishes, utensils, glassware, and paper products from tables and dining areas; delivers dishes and utensils to the dishwasher for cleaning; empties food and paper waste to trash; arranges tables and chairs upon guest’s departure; sweeps around and under each table/chair upon guest departure; mops when necessary.

Food Runner : Food Runner responsibilities include, but are not limited to: ensuring a consistent flow of service to guests and servers by efficiently organizing and delivering food to the tables; ensuring the quality of food before leaving the kitchen; delivering food to the correct person at the correct table; maintaining a clean and organized working environment.

Retail Associate: Engages with guests in the retail store by answering questions, making recommendations, and ensuring stock is maintained while also employing their “can-do” attitude and cash handling skills. Retail Associates may stand for extended periods of time and may lift boxes up to 30 pounds sometimes.

Host : Responsible for greeting customers at the restaurant with a smile, welcoming them into the establishment, seating them, and providing them with a menu. The host or hostess keeps the restaurant orderly, keeps track of wait times, monitors table rotations, answers the phone to take and review reservations, makes sure tables are clean and set up, makes arrangements for special requests, makes sure customers are content, and keeps track of what’s going on at each table.


Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher
start 7 May (4 M/F)
start 21 May (4 M/F)
start 2 Jun (2 M/F)

start 7 May (2 M/F)
start 21 May (2 M/F)
start 2 Jun (3 M/F)
❌ (เต็มแล้วจ้า)

Food Runner
start 7 May (3 M/F)
start 21 May (3 M/F)
start 2 Jun (5 M/F)

Retail Associate/Host
start 7 May (4 M/F)
start 21 May (4 M/F)
start 2 Jun (6 M/F)


Gulf Shores , AL


Line Cook, Prep Cook, Dishwasher $14.00 per hour
Busser $6.00 per hour plus tips to equal minimum of $12.00 per hour.
Food Runner $6.00 per hour plus tips to equal minimum of $12.00 per hour.
Retail Associate/Host $12.00 per hour


32-40 hours per week

Start Date – End Date

Start 7 May 2024 – 13 May 2024
End 17 Aug 2024 – 30 Aug 2024 (*not arrive between May 14 – May 20*)

Start 21 May 2024 – 1 Jun 2024
End 19 Aug 2024 – 31 Aug 2024 (*not arrive between May 14 – May 20*)

Start 2 Jun 2024 – 15 Jun 2024
End 3 Sep 2024 – 7 Sep 2024 (*not arrive between May 14 – May 20*)

English level

Intermediate – Advanced (Participants should speak very good English, have a positive attitude, and be a hard worker.)


150 USD per person / per week
Deposit Amount $150
**Housing will be at one of the following locations and is assigned by the Host Employer: 1) Participants will be housed in a dormitory. The rooms are either a double room with two twin beds or a suite with two sets of bunk beds. All rooms are furnished with a nightstand, dresser, mini-fridge, free wi-fi, basic cable, TV, private bathroom, spacious double-sided closet, and an individual climate control unit. The property features a large, fully equipped shared kitchen complete with cookware and utensils. The housing includes an on-site laundry facility, an outdoor pool, casual lounge area, pool tables, board games, pinball machine, ice machine, and vending machines. 2) Participants will share a furnished 1 bedroom/1 bath apartment or a furnished 2 bedroom/2 bathroom unit. Apartments have a full kitchen and common area and laundry facilities.

Transportation to work

Employer arranged shuttle $0 to walk; $0 for employer arranged shuttle

** งานนี้ไม่ต้องชำระค่า Premium Job ใดๆทั้งสิ้นนะคะ และข้อมูลของงานดังกล่าว นายจ้างหรือองค์กรแลกเปลี่ยน USA อาจมีการเปลี่ยนแปลงได้ในภายหลัง โดยขึ้นอยู่กับปัจจัยในด้านธุรกิจของนายจ้างนะคะ โดยบริษัทฯ ไม่สามารถควบคุมการเปลี่ยนแปลงใดๆได้ค่ะ หากมีการเปลี่ยนแปลงใดๆเกิดขึ้นทางพี่ทีมงานจะรีบแจ้งข้อมูลอัพเดตให้ทันทีค่ะ 🙂 S

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